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Paul Bakker

Software architect, author of Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi and Java 9 Modularity

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About me

On this blog I post about software development related topics that have my attention.

I’m a senior software engineer with Netflix in the Edge Developer Productivity team, where I primarily work on tools to increase developer productivity within the company. Besides my love for writing code, I have a passion for sharing knowledge. I published two books with O’Reilly: “Modular Cloud Apps with OSGi” was published in 2013, and “Java 9 Modularity” was published in September 2017. Both books are about modularity in Java, and this is an important topic to me. I’ve spoken at numerous conferences around the world about a wide variaty of topics. I’m also active on twitter as @pbakker.

I love speaking at tech conferences. Want me to speak at your conference? Feel free to contact me.

Recent conferences

Conference City Year
Oracle Code One San Fransisco 2019
Oracle Code One San Fransisco 2018
O’Reilly Software Architecture New York 2018
Developer Productivity meetup Los Gatos 2018
Java One San Fransisco 2017
Devoxx US San Jose 2017
Øredev Malmö 2016
JavaZone Oslo 2016
DevNation San Fransisco 2016
Devoxx UK London 2016
GeeCon Krakow 2016
Luminis DevCon Ede 2016
JFall Ede 2015
JavaOne San Fransisco 2015
JavaZone Oslo 2015
DevNation Boston 2015
InfoShare Gdansk 2015
Microsoft Ignite Chicago 2015
Luminis DevCon Ede 2015
IoT Developer’s Day Utrecht 2015
JFokus Stockholm 2015
OSGi day Bucharest 2014
JMaghreb Casablanca 2014
JDD Krakow 2014
JavaOne San Fransisco 2014
OSGi DevCon New York 2014
GeeCon Krakow 2014
DevNation San Fransisco 2014
JavaLand Bruhl 2014
JDD Krakow 2013
JFall Nijkerk 2013
JDD Krakow 2013
JavaOne San Fransisco 2013
ASAS Arnhem 2013
GeenCon Krakow 2013
JavaOne Russia Moscow 2013
OSGi DevCon Boston 2013
JFokus Stockholm 2013